Radio Interviews & Podcasts

Straight Talk 1400 AM [10:17]



Co-authors Veny and Upendra on School for Startups Radio with Jim Beach [22:12]


On “People of Distinction” with Al Cole from CBS Radio [51:36]

With Jeff Williams on WSIU-FM in Carbondale, IL [18:28]


On BlogTalkRadio with Bert Martinez [11:58]


With Jill Sheets on KOPN-AM Columbia, MO [17:06]

 With Andrea Davis-Cetina, morning host of KSVY-AM Sonoma, CA [12:53]

On “The Experience Pros Radio Show” with Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer [10:45]

A return visit with Angel and Eric [8:41]

On WOCA-AM with Larry Whitler & Robin Macblane [25:25]

With Bob Duncan of WGLS-FM from New Jersey [26:54]

On WMST-AM with Dan Manley [55:13]

Visiting “Access Indy” with Kim Wells of WTLC-FM – Indianapolis [15:47]

With Chris Oaks on WFIN-AM Radio – Ohio [17:19]

On KXYL-FM – “News Talk” with Brian and Leelan [8:06]

With Moe Howard of KUBA-AM [11:45]

On KCHE-FM Radio in Sioux City, IA [9:58]

With Ed Jones of KBEM-FM in Minneapolis, MN [9:09]

‘Speaking at Will’ with Will Stephens on WXAN-FM [37:57]

On “Monday Morning Radio” with Dean Rotbart, award-winning business journalist and educator [17:48]